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"Whether you think you can, or think you can't... you're right." Henry Ford


What does hypnosis feel like?

Is hypnosis safe?

Can I be made to do anything against my will?

Is it possible not to come out of a trance?

Can you guarantee success?

Everybody experiences hypnosis differently but most clients find it to be very relaxing and often say how good they feel at the end of the session.

Yes, it is completely safe. Hypnosis is just like daydreaming. People go into this state spontaneously every day. If clients have concerns at any stage of the process, they can just open their eyes and ask questions.

No. Many people confuse hypnotherapy with stage hypnosis but it is very different. I do not own a pocket watch and will not have you barking like a dog. During our sessions, you can relax knowing that you will only be in a light trance and will remain in control - you will not discuss anything that you do not wish to share.

No, you can just open your eyes at any time. If you are left in a trance you may drift off and then wake up naturally but you’re more likely to get bored and just open your eyes.

No, there is no guarantee that hypnotherapy will work for you because it does not work for everyone. (You should be wary of any hypnotherapist who tells you otherwise.) The aim of the therapy is to give you back control of your life. My role is to guide you through the process, but you must take responsibility for making the change.

The only guarantee that I will give is that I will do my best to help you overcome any issues. We would be working as a team to get the required results. The key to the success of this type of therapy is the rapport you have with your therapist so it is important to choose a therapist that you trust.

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